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Drupal and WordPress websites

Drupal WordPress

Content Management Systems (CMS)
Powerful Messaging
Engaging Designs
Convert Visitors to Customers

Dramatically increase the return from your website. Sell more of your products and services. Our approach to website development begins with you, our customer. We learn about your business needs and competition. Every client engagement starts here. We then develop your business strategy and align it with Drupal or WordPress, both state of the art Content Management Systems (CMS). Services include custom themes and custom templates. Drupal and WordPress business (CMS) websites allow for easier indexing of information by search engines. Improved indexing means higher rankings by search engines resulting in more customers. Building your content management website will be as unique as you. Also save money. Instead of hiring a web developer, you can easily manage and update your own website.

WordPress blogs drive traffic to you

Engage Your Customers
Increase Website Traffic
Become More Successful

Most experts agree that conversations with customers should begin with your blog. Demonstrate your expertise. Engage your visitors in conversation. Build an extension to your website. Blog to network, build your community and empower your marketing. Build value for your customers and revenue for you.

WordPress Logo

Social Media conversations

Become Part of the Conversation
Communicate One-to-One
Communicate One-to-Many

Get connected thru Social Media marketing. Enable your company to engage in dynamic conversations. Build your relationships with customers. Businesses today are driven by personal conversations. Social Media efforts impel customer acquisition and retention. We develop cohesive strategies and build your Blog, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn presence connected to your website. Join the conversation, become more successful.

Social Media Conversations - Facebook, Linkedn, Twitter, Skype

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Get Qualified Visitors to Your Site
Optimize Your Visibility
Validate Results

The higher you are on a page result the greater your chances of making a connection with your potential customer. Customer For Life Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services remove impediments that can restrict and inhibit indexing by search engines. We also edit your content, HTML, and other coding that builds relevance to keyword terms that are important to having customers find you.

Google Yahoo Bing Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Reach Top Positions in Search Results, Fast! 
Advertise to Customers Ready to Buy
Target Locally, Nationally, Internationally

Advertising with Google, Yahoo and Bing can be effective when executed properly. With Search Engine Marketing (SEM), you are presenting your ads for services you are selling, precisely when prospects are ready to buy. Customer For Life search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns are holistic. We include our experience in branding and marketing and go beyond conventional SEM tools. Our strategy includes value keywords, relevant ads, dynamic landing pages and lead integration with your CRM. This results in more efficient campaigns and lower costs.

Google Yahoo Bing - Pay Per Click (ppc) advertising - Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Marketing Automation

Improve Efficiency and Sales Performance
Qualify Who Is Ready to Buy Now... 
Close More Deals Faster

Manage all your marketing efforts with lead scoring, nurturing and messaging. Deploy multichannel campaigns from sales and service. Include Bing, Google, Yahoo, Email, Direct Mail, Voice, Chat, Content Management Websites and Social Media Campaigns.
Provide real-time, relevant information to your sales team. Integrate your website with salesforce. Automate transfer of opportunities and leads to sales; ensure that deals don't fall through the cracks.

Automate Campaigns - Marketing Automations


Create Added Value
Increase Loyalty
Lower Marketing Expenses
Achieve a Competitive Advantage

Put your brand to work for you. Customer For Life processes works with you to discover and unleash the power of your brand. Leverage what distinguishes your company, products and services from your competition. Increase your sales results.

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Salesforce Certifications - Google Adwords Professional