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Why Marketing Automation?

You can optimize your lead generation and sales with marketing automation. Discover who is ready to buy your products and services now. Convert more leads, site visitors and inquiries to customers. Leverage leading global platforms like marketing automation and Google marketing automation. Generate more leads with pay per click (PPC) campaign automation and automate the conversion process to sales with Contact us for a complimentary conversation on how you may benefit from marketing automation.

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Marketing Automation Services

  • Lead scoring
  • Lead qualifying
  • Lead conversion tracking
  • Salesforce CRM integration
  • Google analytics
  • Sales stage development
  • Messaging aligned to sales stages
  • Dashboards

Marketing Automation Benefits

  • Close deals faster
  • Never lose a lead
  • Instant notification of conversions
  • Automate lead qualification
  • Automate customer engagement
  • Automate communications
  • Automate up-sell & cross-sell
  • Automate follow-up
  • Automate referrals
  • Identify who is ready to buy now
  • Determine campaign effectiveness
  • Identify lead source-organic, SEM, email, Social, more)
  • Manage all leads centrally
  • Manage leads by type, product, service, etc.
  • Eliminate guesswork
  • iPhone, Droid and BlackBerry connected

Why You need Marketing Automation

Customer For Life helps you identify, then connect with your customers. Our team of marketers has decades of proven experience in virtually every vertical and sales channel. We assist you in focusing on the right opportunities and delivering the right message.

Lead Score

Know your market
Qualify and score your leads

Customer For Life enables you to identifying who your best customers are and when they are ready to buy

Lead Nurturing

Nurture your leads

We collaborate with you to engage your customers at the right time

Be on message

Align the right message with the right channel

Communicate with the appropriate message for internet, bricks and mortar, sales, service and support channel customers using one voice. This connectivity enables a 360 degree view of your customers building stronger relationships

Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Google, Yahoo, Bing, radio, cable, your website, email, third party lead providers, newspapers, magazines and virtually any advertising medium can effectively be managed. Easily determine which campaigns work and which do not. Allocate precious resources to campaigns that demonstrate the greatest ROI. Measure performance and maximize your return



See your goals and results in easy to understand visual representations. With this business intelligence (BI) tool you can measure your efficiency and make informed decisions. Instantly look at performance. Achieve greater business control by quickly identifying and correcting negative trends

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is marking automation?
Marketing automation minimizes human intervention. It enables your PC, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry to make you more efficient and close more deals.

How will it affect my business?
Marketing automation will help you qualify more customers and increase your sales.

I have a form on my website and it goes to my email, isn't that enough?
No. the point of Social Media, is to be social. You need to keep up with the conversation, post every day, and respond to your followers.

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Marketing Automation Services

Improve efficiency and sales performance
Marketing Automation Services

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