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Google Adwords

What is Google Adwords?

Google is the number one search engine in the world. Advertise your business, product or service with Google Adwords. Get top search listings within days.

Microsoft Ad Center - Bing and Yahoo

What is Microsoft Ad Center? Bing &Yahoo

Microsoft Ad Center provides additional advertising coverage. Reach individuals searching for your products and services with individuals using Bing & Yahoo.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services

Our Google Adwords Services

Our Google Adwords Services

  • Research
  • Strategy development
  • Keyword development
  • Negative keywords strategy
  • Ad development
  • Campaign implementation
  • Campaign management

Our Landing Page Services

  • Custom web pages aimed to sell your product/service
Our Microsoft Ad Center Services

Our Microsoft Ad Center Services

  • Research
  • Strategy development
  • Keyword development
  • Negative keywords strategy
  • Ad development
  • Campaign implementation
  • Campaign management

Our Landing Page Services

  • Custom web pages aimed to sell your product/service
Additional Services - Integration

Additional Services Integration
  • Manage ad campaigns
  • See which ads works best
  • Track conversions
  • Tracking lead sources
  • Institute sales stages
  • Efficiently follow-up
  • Build campaign dashboards

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Advantages

Our Google Adwords Advantages

Our Google Adwords Advantage Helps You...

  • Set your daily budget
  • Advertise with no minimum  
  • Apply tools to help improve your results
  • Track conversions, measure your success
  • Schedule when your ads run
  • Specify days and hours ads run
  • Advertise on the number 1 search engine
  • Target locally, nationally,  Internationally
  • Manage thousands of keywords
  • Manage performance with detailed reports
  • Reach your market by age, gender, geography
Customer For Life is Google Certified assuring you of expertise you need
Our Microsoft Ad Center Advantage - Yahoo Bing

Our Microsoft Ad Center Advantage Helps You...

  • Implement campaigns in one week or less
  • Combine Search efforts of Bing & Yahoo
  • Lower ad pricing
  • Stretch your budget
  • Expand your reach
  • Automatically set your monthly budget
  • Reach your market by age
  • Reach your audience by gender
  • Target only the geography you want
  • Track conversions
  • Get actionable reports
  • Target market profiles you define
Our team has 100 years of combined marketing experience
General Search Engine Advertising Advantages

General Search Engine Advertising Advantages

  • Top listings in a week or less
  • Advertise to millions of customers with Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Search engine marketing is more efficient
  • Reach customers when they are ready to buy
  • Control your daily, weekly, or monthly budget
  • Decide where you want your ad to display
  • Select ads to run  by city, nationally or globally
  • Target terms specific to your business
Contact us for an unbiased comparison to advertising on radio, cable and  print

Search Engine Marketing - Our 4 Step Process

Customer For Life search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns are holistic. We include our experience in branding and marketing and go beyond conventional SEM tools. Our strategy includes value keywords, relevant ads, dynamic landing pages and lead integration with your CRM. This results in more efficient campaigns and lower costs.


Value Keywords

  • Lower costs
  • More selling opportunities

Relevant keywords drive all campaigns. The easy way to select keywords is to determine terms that have the greatest search popularity for your business and just buy them. Unfortunately the most popular keywords are also the most expensive. Customer For Life works to identify less popular keywords that are effective but may be missed by other advertisers. This lowers your cost and increases potential sales opportunities. For example, instead of spending $3.00 for a 'click' we may identify quality terms that cost $1.00. This in effect saves you $2.00 or 66% on that purchase. Your ad budget goes further.


Lower Cost Ads

  • Higher rankings
  • Greater efficiency
  • Superior selling opportunities

Not surprisingly, relevancy is also important when writing your ads. Keywords should be mentioned in your ad whenever possible. This strategy will increase your page rank without costing extra. More keywords should mean more ads to maintain higher placement and lower costs. Customer For Life works to maximize keyword/ ad relevance saving you money and increasing sales opportunities.


Dynamic Landing Pages

  • More leads
  • Increased selling opportunities

A landing page is the destination someone reaches when clicking your Bing, Google or Yahoo ad. In most cases your prospect is directed to your homepage which has little or no relevance to your keywords and ad. The likelihood that someone will call, email or buy your product diminishes significantly. Customer For Life develops custom landing pages that are relevant and align with your keywords and ads. This increases your chance of converting to an inquiry and making more sales.


Opportunity Management

  • Improve closing ratios
  • Opportunities don't fall through the cracks
  • Increase profits

Customer For Life helps you manage your leads and customers directly within Prospects often are not ready to buy immediately. We help you control opportunities with sales stages and sales pipelines. Email, call, direct- mail, web to lead campaigns are all supported by Customer For Life professional services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?
Search Engine Marketing or SEM is paid advertising that is at the top and right side of a search engine's results page. Businesses will compete and bid to get their ads to show on the front page, and generally, the broader the keyword, the higher (and more expensive) the keyword.

What does it take to create a successful SEM campaign?
For starters, the ad, keyword, and landing page need to all be highly relevant. Then, the keyword bid needs to be the appropriate amount to get your business traffic. The landing page then needs to be specially designed to convert that visitor into a buyer.

How does SEM with Customer For Life Work?
Customer For Life creates text ads aligned to your landing page with a list of highly refined keywords aimed at your target audience.

What are negative keywords?
Negative keywords are designed as words and phrases that should NOT show your ad when that word or phrase is entered with your keyword.

Which is better, Microsoft Ad Center or Google Adwords?
Google is more popular as a search engine. This may deliver for you better results. Microsoft Ad Center may cost less.

Can I do both Adwords and Ad Center?

Why is Search Engine Marketing (SEM) a monthly subscription?
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) needs to be constantly modified among keywords, ads, landing page, and bid to keep relevance high.

What is pay per click advertising?
Pay per click advertising is interchangeable with pay per click campaigns and pay per click marketing. All are a reference to search engine marketing or paid search marketing, an advertising model that allows for top search engine listings. The reasons for the popularity of this advertising method includes the fact that advertisers only pay when someone clicks on an advertisement. The advertiser is not charged for the display of the advertisement as is the case with traditional media such as print, radio and TV. The prominent leader by far in this space is Google Marketing or Google (PPC). This is followed by Bing Marketing or Bing (PPC). Bing is a combined service of Yahoo Marketing or Yahoo (PPC) and Microsoft Marketing.

Google Adwords Example - Adwords Qualified Professional

Google Yahoo Bing

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