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Why You Need Business Social Media

In order to effectively compete, businesses need to be with their customers. Social Media marketing is important because there are over 1 billion users of the medium. These individuals want to have conversations and not just be marketed to in traditional (old) ways. Social Media for business is different from other marketing.

Business Social media allows you to talk with your existing customers and to reach more customers outside your network. You can benefit and grow your organization with Facebook business, Twitter business and LinkedIn business strategies. Corporate Social Media business services recognize how Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for business can work to grow your organization. Contact us for a complimentary conversation on how you may benefit from business Social Media development.

560,000,000 active skype users - 500,000,000 active facebook users - 175,000,000 active twitter users - 80,000,000 active linkedin professionals

Social Media Advantages

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Our Facebook Advantage Helps You...

  • Expand your reach
  • Connect with more customers
  • Engage in conversations
  • Advertise your business
  • Offer deals
  • Share pictures, videos
  • Discover customer interests
  • Connect with other businesses
  • Hundreds of Millions of potential customers
  • Most visited website
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Our Twitter Advantage Helps You...

  • Promote your business
  • Connect with your customers
  • Promote deals
  • Increase your visibility
  • Generate interest in your business
  • Improve your Google page rank
  • Connect to your peers with similar interests
  • Share knowledge, tips, and advice
  • Build your brand
  • Get feedback
  • Notify customers of new products & services
  • Find qualifies prospects

Our LinkedIn Advantage Helps You...

  • Get business referrals
  • Establish yourself as an industry expert
  • Market your company
  • Share opportunities
  • Stay in touch with past customers, partners & vendors
  • Connect with over 80 million professionals
  • Connect with CEOs
  • Connect with professional groups that can build your business
  • Create a professional identity

Facebook and Skype

Multimedia communication has come to Facebook. Your conversations just became more robust and interactive. Connect with your Facebook friends and customers using voice calls to landlines, mobile, and SMS messaging. Video, file sharing and chat are also integrated. In fact engage in group video calls with up to 10 participants. Let us show you how to use Facebook with Skype to build closer ties with customers. Conduct web meetings, product launches and demos.

Flowtown Social Lead Scoring


Learn important demographic and social profile information with just an email address. Quickly identify influencers. Segment your leads by age range, gender, location or social networks.

Why You need Social Media

Customers want to have conversations with you. Instead of being sold or marketed to, they want to be engaged in meaningful conversations. You must listen to your customers before they hear what you have to say and ultimately buy your products. Social Media expands your communication methods. You have a website, phone, email and possibly even chat. Adding Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are additional communication channels. Social Media allows your customers to be engaged on their terms. Members of social communities will share their experiences with their friends. These experiences can be positive or negative. Customer For Life gives you the insight and tools to positively influence customers and potential customers. We help you add value to your customer engagements thereby improving your business and sales potential.

Engage prospects and customers in conversations. Customers have always talked about your company. With social interaction media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and mobile devices, collaboration and sharing of information is instantaneous.
Social Media enables individuals to share life experiences and thereby affect purchasing behavior. This sharing happens even if people are separated by long distances or have not met face-to-face. A strong bond can exist among individuals with similar interests.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other media are web technologies that are highly accessible. These systems convert communications to interactive conversations.
Value is being created by combining technology and social interactions. Before buying any product or service customers will consult with their Social Network friends. In fact even reviews by strangers carry weight in purchase decisions. Examples include product ratings on and vendor reviews on

Learn who your target audience is on Social Media sites. Customer For Life will conduct the research required to develop the ideal strategy. This includes a discussion with you, our client and a review of the competitive landscape. Our research findings are then utilized to align with and grow your brand.

Listen to what is being said by your prospects and customers. This is important to learning about social motivation relating to your brand. Listening and opening avenues for interactive conversations establishes trust and confidence.

Engage your audience in conversations. These communications can be direct with an individual and also shared. One-to-one conversations can also be one-to-many, building confidence, trust and community. Develop your blog and connect with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Add Value

Add Value by being viewed as an authority. Use your blog, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for social leadership. Utilize external and internal research, facts, studies, examples, articles that continues to builds trust among conversation participants. Customer For Life in collaboration with you can develop the content needed to establish you as a true expert.

Social Media Rules

Be Honest
Be Direct
Be Convincing
Be Successful

Generate customers by word of mouth. Communicate directly with potential clients. Build your brand and business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is social media?
Social Media is way for you and your business to connect with customers and have conversations.

Do I need Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?
Individuals that you want to reach may not be on every Social Network. Therefore to have the maximum reach you may want to consider them all.

Can I just set this up and get thousands of "likes" and "followers"?
No. the point of Social Media, is to be social. You need to keep up with the conversation, post every day, and respond to your followers.

I'm too busy to do social media, how do I keep up?
Let us do it for you!

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