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Stephen Blackwood
Thank you Customer For Life for putting us in a different league……

Customer For Life Showed Us How to Get and Close New Customers
CFL really helped us understand and identify what moves our prospects to buy from us, both in terms of what we're willing to offer to attract a customer and how to articulate the added value a customer can expect from

Customer For Life Positioned Us to be More Competitive
CFL's understanding of the web ecosystem and emerging opportunities helped us integrate print communication with e-mail, web, personal URL's, client portals and social commerce. This strategy helped put us in a different league than the up-the-street printer and gives our organization a larger-than-life presence in a growing marketplace.

Stephen G. Blackwood
Vice President
Chief Executive Officer
Super Mail, Inc.


Gerry PoeClear, concise, and on target…

Prestigious and clear web site that reflects the core of who we are, Customer For Life delivered product and services clarity for anyone to obtain the scope of our company offerings. Without over selling, or understating our competencies, Customer For Life succeeded for

You make it look easy…


Santa Clarita Consultants
Gerry Poe
CEO and Founder


I really like my site.
Thanks for all your hard work.
It was a pleasure working with you.

Eric Patrick


Thank you for our AWESOME… ecommerce website… WE LOVE IT…


SUPER results, we highly recommend Customer For Life…
We are thrilled with the results…
Robert Illenberg


Customer For Life increased our sales by 37% in just 4 months…
We don't know how they did it, but GREAT job!

Luda's Judaica
Lana Ilnyckyj
Luda's Judaica