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Our services begin with you

All our services begin by listening to you, our customer. Your individualized solution starts with our proprietary marketing and branding review. Easily pinpoint your challenges and goals. Your answers provide the strategy for our solution. Every business engagement should start here. We help you decide if Drupal or WordPress is best for you. Then our team of Drupal and WordPress developers can design a custom theme that is as unique as your business. Your professional theme will look great and have the functionality you demand.

Your insights give direction for sales, marketing and technology enablement. Demand a website that performs the way you do. Website innovation is achieved with original thinking not cookie cutter approaches. Your website must engage and speak with your customers directly.

Which is right for me Drupal or WordPress CMS?

Drupal and WordPress, each have unique advantages based on business need. Your desired website functionality and business needs is a starting point. Will your site be informational, require ecommerce components, have a large database, require sophisticated navigation, connect with back-office applications are additional considerations. You can get an unbiased informed recommendation from us since we develop both Drupal and WordPress solutions. There is no cost for this service.


Website Performance Analysis

  • Learn how your website is performing
  • Discover your real traffic
  • Measure your SEO score
  • Analyze your SEO Meta Keywords
  • Examine your SEO Meta Descriptions
  • Measure site load times
  • Identify duplicate content
  • BONUS - See how your website is seen by search engines
  • Learn easy steps to improve your website
High Impact Services

Drupal and WordPress Services

  • Analyze your business needs
  • Determine if Drupal or Wordpress is right for you
  • Develop an online marketing strategy
  • Create your theme aligned with your corporate brand
  • Implement an ecommerce site with shopping cart
  • Integrate with Paypal,, 2checkout, CyberSource, Google Checkout
  • Develop content
  • Implement security and administration
  • Set up users
  • Integrate with
Additional Services

Additional Services

  • Hosting and archiving
  • Administration and Support
  • Ongoing system development and support
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing

conversion to sales

Conversion to sales

Customer For Life provides a conversion path to sales for your customers. Remember you are here to sell. Our purpose is not merely informational. We are not a library. Our goal is to SELL! Prospects must be shown clear paths to a sale. Customer For Life works closely with clients to develop optimum strategies that address this most critical stage.

  • Move customer to action at every touch-point
  • Ability to engage customer the way they want to interact with you; thru email, phone, chat and Social Media
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Transform the way your website works…

With collaborative customer engagement and communications

Our Usability Benefits

Customer For Life websites are engaging, intuitive and user friendly. Your information is presented in a logical way that promotes sales. Customers spend 4-7 seconds deciding if they want to continue or abandon your site. We help you use those few moments wisely.

Our Advantages

Our Feature Advantage

  • Popular and powerful
  • Killer layouts and designs
  • SEO friendly
  • Enable Social Media conversations
  • Greater client engagement
  • Build communities
  • Register users and add profiles
  • Faster load times
  • Fast navigation
  • Include RSS feeds
  • Integrate with Google Analytics
  • Workflow driven web processes

Our User-Friendly Advantage

  • Manage your own website
  • Display content quickly
  • Intuitive design
  • Easily categorize content
  • Drag and drop blocks
  • Drag and drop menus
  • Less clicks
  • Logic flowing information
  • Create unlimited pages
  • Customer searchable
  • Logical & attention getting
  • Secure, used by US Government

Our Value Advantage

  • Lower Costs
  • Free yourself from costly software
  • Increased visitor time on site
  • Lower site abandonment
    Automated Relationship Building
  • Convert lookers to buyers
  • Turn customers to advocates
  • Enhanced indexing by Google
  • Superior indexing by Bing & Yahoo
  • Administration is browser based
  • Limit custom & proprietary code
  • Grow with this scalable platform

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Drupal?
Drupal is a content management system and web application framework used and trusted by thousands of businesses, non-profits, education, government, individuals, and other organizations throughout the world. It allows you to creating personal and corporate websites, ecommerce sites, social networking sites, intranets, and much more.

What Is WordPress?
WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS). The platform began as a blog publishing application but has evolved to also be used for complete websites. WordPress features include the ability to add features with plug-ins. Templates can be developed to fit virtually any need. WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world.

Why do I need a Drupal or WordPress CMS?
Drupal and WordPress content management systems are the ideal CMS for businesses of all sizes. Websites for businesses require the flexibility to efficiently manage large amounts of content, be search engine friendly, scalable and easy to use. That is why Drupal and WordPress are the choice for corporate CMS and preferred CMS for enterprise.

What's so great about Open Source Software?
Having software that is open source allows for the contribution of thousands of developers to design elegant themes and improve the platform. These thousands of developers in the community have collaborated in creating a secure infrastructure with no cost to you.

If Drupal and WordPress are free and open source, why should I let Customer For Life Build my Website when I can do it myself?
You can build your very own free website using Drupal or WordPress. Customer For Life just makes your job easier. There are obvious learning curves with both. We are technology, marketing, graphic design and sales experts. Our collaborative approach, transforms your vision into a powerful website in as little time as one week.

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Drupal and WordPress CMS Websites

Convert Visitors to Customers

How we help your business

Enable your marketing, sales and customer service. We ask you the right questions and listen to your answers. This collaborative process delivers a CMS solution that is as unique as you.

  • Have your website found
  • Engage your prospects
  • Convert site visitors to leads
  • Transform leads to sales

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