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How it Works

The higher you are on a page result the greater your chances of making a connection with your potential customer. Optimize your content, HTML, and other coding that builds relevance to keyword terms important to your business search. We also remove impediments that can restrict and inhibit indexing by search engines.

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Our SEO services

  • Website keyword analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Develop targeted page titles
  • Develop keywords
  • Develop Meta tags
  • Develop descriptions
  • Develop XML sitemaps
  • Link building
  • Content creation

Our SEO Advantage Helps You...

  • Target traffic to your site
  • Attract new business in a cost effective way
  • Develop a sustainable marketing strategy
  • Increase your online presence
  • Increase the chance of getting found on search engines
  • Increase the ROI of your website
  • Increases your brand credibility
  • Increases potential customers
  • Save by not paying for every clicks

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Natural and Organic

Customer For Life works to improve your volume and quality of traffic. We help you get relevant customers who are interested in buying your products and services. Our SEO strategies focus on building traffic through organic, natural, algorithmic search results. This strategy does not rely on paying per click (PPC) with search engine advertising like Bing, Google and Yahoo.

Black Hat vs. White Hat

There are two principal ways to implement an SEO strategy. Black Hat utilizes strategies that try to deceive search engines into ranking a website higher. This method may work temporarily in delivering desired results. However, Black Hat methods lack required relevance to a user's search and diminish the user experience. Two examples are Link farms and keyword stuffing. These methods will get your site banned. Avoid at all cost. Customer For Life delivers White Hat strategies utilizing SEO best practices that provide sustainable results. This means that we do not attempt to deceive search engines.

How to Get Started

Select an experienced search engine optimization company focused on Drupal SEO and Wordpress SEO. Customer For Life is both a technology and business enablement company. Optimizing your website with SEO for business services, delivers higher organic search engine rankings. Our strategy embraces more than just having the right search engine keywords. Content, competitive considerations, marketing, branding, and technology all weigh into the equation. These solutions benefit organizations of all sizes from small businesses to mid size as well as enterprise class corporations. Contact us for a complimentary analysis of how your website is currently performing as well as a proposal.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My SEO was just setup, but my keywords aren't showing my page on Google, why?
Google and other search engines can take weeks to index the new information, but your page may not rate as high as other website because of other factors that affect your page rank.

Will doing SEO put me at the top of Google?
Not always and not for every keyword. Search Engine Optimization is just one of the many factors on how Google and other Search Engines rank your page, but it is one of the most important. By having good SEO, it helps search engines index your site and allows users to find your business when they search for specific keywords.

How can some companies promise first page search rankings?
First page or high rankings can sometimes be achieved by fooling and tricking search engines. These tactics are called "Black Hat" and when discovered, search engines will punish the offending site. This can even lead to your website being banned or not indexed by search engines at all. Customer For Life uses only "White Hat", the most ethical, proven SEO strategies.

What are the other factors that affect my page rank?

  • Popularity
  • Website Age
  • If it is a "Trusted" website
  • If the website doesn't have any malicious software
  • If the website doesn't have pop ups

Why is SEO a subscription service?
It takes weeks for SEO changes to show on search engines. Also, SEO is constantly changing. Your SEO needs to be revamped, and updated to fit your business and your competitive environment.

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