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Why a WordPress blog

Corporate blogs are important for client engagement and relationship building. The preferred business and enterprise blog for leading organizations is WordPress. It is the most popular CMS in the world. Advantages include robust architecture, ease of use, extensive community support, plugins, and search engine friendliness just to name a few. Increase engagement and the value of your communications with our WordPress for business blog development. Stand out from your competition with a WordPress blog design or custom WordPress template that is custom to your organization and brand.

For your WordPress blog integration is available with You can generate more leads with sophisticated engagement strategies all linked with salesforce. After customer engagement and lead generation, continue meaningful conversations with prospects using salesforce integrated marketing automation. Contact us for a conversation on how you may benefit from a WordPress blog

WordPress is not just for blogs anymore. Learn more »

Our WordPress Services

  • Strategy development
  • Template design and layout
  • Writing and content creation
  • Lead generation
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Audio/ Video integration
  • Mobile enablement
  • RSS Feeds
  • Traffic stats
  • Archiving
  • Hosting
  • Polls
  • Surveys
  • Searchable knowledgebase
  • Help and Support

Our Blog Advantage Helps You...

  • Improve search engine rankings
  • Build stronger relationships
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Humanize your company
  • Become more customer centric
  • Simplify and be on message
  • Engage your customers in conversation
  • Keep your fingers on your customer's pulse
  • Lower lead acquisition costs
  • Build your community
  • Better communication with customers, venders and partners
  • Easy content publishing
  • Organize your thoughts
  • RSS or Really Simple Syndication

Five facts about blogs and blogging


Blogs increase traffic to your website

Search engines love blogs with new and relevant content. Blogs optimize dynamic information for SEO. Search engines also reward user generated content. Conversations, opinions, news, exchanges, insights and interactivity all matter. Blogs have the framework for content to be indexed and made available to searches.


Blogs can help build your business and sales

A blog is a communication platform. Blogs are different from websites in that it empowers and enables conversations. These conversations are one-to-one and one –to-many. When engaging customers in this way you build trust and confidence. You are having duplex conversation with customers. You are showing that you care and have an interest in their needs. In a world of impersonal customer engagements this puts a face and voice to your organization. The result is increased business success, in terms of sales and brand loyalty.


Listening , not just talking sells

Customers respond to candid, compelling and personal messages. We must listen to customer needs and concerns. A blog allows you to listen and provide answer. Reasons why customers do business with you often come down to trust. Building trust and relationships are driven by conversations. Today we are often unable to speak with or meet every customer in person. Technology can help. We must view blogs as a means to engage. Blogs enable customers to say: "I matter."


Blogs Build Your Credibility and Expertise

Relationship building should be a part of every organization's core values. Using your blog you can elicit customer feedback. Respond in ways that solidify credibility and relationships. As your credibility increases you will be regarded as an expert; a go to person with experience. This works to increase your value and the value of your company, its products and services.


Blogs Develop Relationships and Community

Relationships and communities are built with personal interactions. Blogs are the communication conduits you need. This isn't magic, just common sense. Blogs just provide a modern tool to accomplish what you are or should be doing already.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a blog?
A blog or web log can be an actual website or part of a site. It is used as a communication tool and means to build community with interactivity.

Why do I need a blog?
Conversations begin and relationships are built using blogs. It is an ideal way to engage and provide timely information to site visitors. Blogs also provide an easy way to update news information about your company, employees, products, services, news and areas of interest to your community.

Is a blog for everyone?
No. Everyone need not have a blog but everyone can benefit from having a blog. Blogs allow greater connectivity with your customers. This can work as a lead generation tool. Search engines love dynamic content so you will get more site traffic. Your blog integrates well with your SEO strategy, thereby increasing traffic even more.

Which blogging platform is right for me?
The blogging platform of choice is WordPress. It combines powerful features with ease of use. Companies such as CNN, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Wall Street Journal and many others all use WordPress.

Can I use WordPress to capture leads and automatically populate my
Yes. The process is pretty straightforward. View this video for step-by-step instructions. For more sophisticated integration and campaigns contact us.

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